The 12 biggest revelations in life.

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My life completely fell apart a few years ago. In the midst of everything that changed, I learned some things about whom I thought I was… and who I am.

I’ve uncovered many truths that, I now understand, have always been locked inside. The person I was is not the same as the person I am in this moment. The person I am changes every day. With each new change comes a new understanding of who and what we all are.

These are the top twelve things I’ve learned that have had the largest impact on me. They are in no particular order and are not the only things I’ve learned. But when I finally understood these twelve things, everything else started to fall into place.

1. We are not our body but the energy that powers it. We are all infinite beings temporarily manifested into a physical reality. Our thoughts are a product of our physical mind. If we learn to experience ourselves as energy, we can learn to ‘watch’ our thoughts rather than be controlled by them.

2. To change your self you must change your habits. The small actions we take every day become our habits. If we want to make big changes in our life we must make small changes to our daily lives.

3. The universe communicates thought feelings, not thoughts or words. When you feel something, it is a request to the universe of what you want. Mind your feelings.

4. Meditate everyday. Meditation puts us in touch with our source energy. It reminds us of the feeling of being… and that feeling can be carried with you through out your day.

5. Our past does not dictate our future. The choices and mistakes we’ve made in the past are useful but not limiting. You can become anything you want in this very moment, regardless of who you were in the last moment.

6. Follow your heart. It is where your passions lie. It will always lead you in the direction you most want to go, even if you don’t consciously understand why you want to go there.

7. Listen to your inner voice. Your gut, like your heart, it always points you in the right direction. When the universe is trying to tell you something, you’ll feel it in your gut.

8. We are all connected. Be nice to others and it comes back to you because you are others and others are you.

9. Everything is temporary in the physical world. No matter what you are experiencing, it will not last forever. The happiest moments and the saddest moments, they change eventually. Learn to live in the moment you are in and accept it. Take it in for what it is worth. It will eventually pass.

10. Change is necessary. It is not possible to introduce something new without changing what is already there. In order to have any new experience, one must first accept that what is must change in the light of what will be.

11. Our world is a reflection of ourselves. To change our world we must first change ourselves. Waiting for the world to change you is like waiting for your reflection in a mirror to smile first.

12. Perspective creates our reality. Everyone’s reality is slightly different because no two people every experience the world from the exact same perspective. Respect other people’s reality.

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