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We are all connected through inner consciousness.

We are all connected through inner consciousness.

And it begins…

Welcome, friends, to innerconsciousness.com. My name is Steve and I’ve created this site as a way to share, talk, learn, watch and explore inner consciousness. We all have an inner voice. It’s time to learn to listen.

What is inner consciousness?

What I have experienced for myself, and believe with all that I am, is that we all have an un-tapped ability to re-connect with the very source of our being. This source is our inner self. Some call it their soul. Some call it their spirit. Some call it chi or energy or light. It is the part of us that existed well before we took these bodies, and it’s the part of us that will continue on once our bodies have stopped working and returned to the ground. It is the true “I am”. It is that which is not temporary, but permanent. It is who we truly are.

Ever wonder why so many people are so unhappy? Why they are always angry or negative? Maybe you are one of them? I know I was. I couldn’t understand why nothing seemed to work out for me. And even when it did, it didn’t seem to make me as happy as I thought it should. Or, once the happiness “wore off” I ended up back where I was before… unhappy, unsure of things and afraid that this was all there was to life. It was at this point that I had an amazing thing happen to me… I woke up.

I woke up the idea that I am more than my thoughts and fears. I’m more than the sum of my actions or mistakes, more than the opinion others held of me. I realized that I was being held prisoner… by my thoughts.

The end of thought, the beginning of awareness.

When we learn to quiet the mind, we learn to appreciate the stillness of just being. There is great learning that can be had from simply sitting in silence. Getting to a point of silence takes time, patience and a commitment to learning to quiet the mind. There is no quick answer and short cut. We are all bound by the laws of the physical universe therefore we must all practice to become good at anything, including stillness.

My commitment to this practice has opened my eyes to many things and has changed my life immeasurably. This practice has brought peace, happiness, joy and now… it has brought me here.

Why this blog?

My meditations have changed over the past few months. What were once forms of quiet reflection has become an influx of ideas, observations and information. Part of my understanding of how things work in our universe is this; when you feel a passion for something, follow it. My passion has become communicating this information. I want to share everything I experience with anyone who wants to listen. So, I’ve decided to listen to the universe, dive in with both feet and create a space to share these thoughts with you.

I’ve got a lot to say, a lot to share and a lot to learn. I hope some of you will join me on this journey.


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  1. Ryan says:

    I realize you may or not see this as this blog is fairly old and I can’t say everything I’m reading makes sense to me but thank you for taking the time and caring to share your positive message. The world needs more:)

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