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holding_handsThe more we learn about our inner consciousness the more we realize how much joy and happiness there is to experience from simply helping other people. In fact, the easiest way to feel better is to focus our attention on helping someone else feel better. Why is this the case? Because by helping someone else, we are actually helping ourselves. Not just by patting our selves on the back because we helped another person, but because we are all interconnected at a very deep level. This means that when we help another person, we are literally helping ourselves. Let me explain.

When looking at our selves as physical beings, it is easy to view each person as separate. After all, we do not share physical bodies. We have different birth dates, parents, friends, jobs and lives. We are different… physically. But when it comes to the “energy” that powers our bodies, we are the same. The same energy that is within me is within you. It connects us all because it is our true, permanent self. It is the “I am” that we all originate from. Our bodies are simply the physical vehicle energy is experience life through.

Think of it like electricity running through a light bulb. Each light bulb is different but the same electrical current powers them all. When the light bulb burns out, the electricity still exists. Each person’s body is like a light bulb. At some point energy (or spirit, if you prefer) enters us, causing us to be alive, or to “light up” for a brief period of time. Eventually the physical parts get old, break down and stop working. But, just like with a light bulb, when the physical shell burns out, the power is still there. The energy didn’t burn out with the bulb. After all, energy can be neither created nor destroyed. It simply exists.

To see ourselves as we truly are, we need to stop seeing ourselves as the bulb and start seeing ourselves as the electricity. We are the power of the source expressing ourselves through the temporary bulb called a human.

When we learn to see ourselves as the energy, we realize that this energy connects all of us. The energy in me is experiencing life through me, just as it is experiencing life through you. By helping another person, we are helping ourselves at a very deep, inner level.

So the next time you are feeling really down, try doing something nice for someone else. You’ll find that it is impossible to feel down when you are lifting someone else up.


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