Tuning In To Our Inner Voice

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Our physical bodies are more than simply machines built to consume! The human mind and body is designed like a two-way radio. We take in information and convert it into thought and emotion. We then project that emotion for others to pick up, convert, then re-transmit.

But by not taking care of our bodies, both physically and mentally, most people do not function efficiently as receivers. We’ve shut off to the “inner voice” and become consumers of negative transmissions such as mass media, political rhetoric, big business advertising, corrupt religious leaders and other easily available noise. We then retransmit that negativity, adding to the noise for others to pick up.

Ever wonder why so many people are depressed, angry, filled with anxiety, fear and self-doubt? If a radio is tuned to a station that only picks up broadcasts of loud, angry music, that’s is all it will play. You must turn the dial if you want to change the music.

The good news is that we can all re-learn how to change our own dials. We can re-learn to tune-in to that “inner voice,” that “gut instinct” that we all have inside. That is our true voice, our inner consciousness. Once we re-tune our bodies and minds to listen, we can change our lives into what we want them to be, rather than living the lives others are trying to create for us. We will learn to tune-out all the negative frequencies and actively participate in transmitting positive emotions for ourselves and for others.

There are lots of things you can do to learn to listen again, but there is no quick fix or magic answer. We need to make some changes and commit to the process. I am living proof that anyone can make changes in their lives if they want to. You just need to know what those changes are.


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