You are endless energy

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The best way to understand your place in this world is to know this…

You are a non-physical energy temporarily existing in a physical body. The body, the mind and the thoughts your mind creates are grounded in the temporary, physical part of our world. The non-physical energy is not temporary but infinite. It is what you were before you entered your body. It is what you will continue to be when you leave your body.

It is like electricity running through a light bulb. You are not the light bulb. You are the energy that makes it shine. Eventually, the bulb will burn out. But the energy that powered it will continue on.

When you meditate, you learn to quiet the mind and silence the body. When you do this, you experience the non-physical awareness of being that inner energy. You can’t experience being non-physical through your thinking because thinking is a physical action. Thinking is attached to your physical mind. You must FEEL what it’s like to be this energy.

The more you experience feeling this, the more you can keep that feeling with you, carrying it throughout your physical day. You can even learn to slip between the physical and non-physical experience, allowing you to live a life that is fun, less stressful and happier. You will live this because you will know what is permanent, what is temporary and how knowing the difference can translate into living a meaningful life.

This isn’t something you can know… because, again, knowing is a physical act. This is something you need to feel. Once you feel it, you will understand the difference. Once this happens, your life will begin to change.

Feeling is the language of the universe, not thought. Learn to use thoughts to create feelings, rather than the other way around. This will allow you to consciously create your reality rather than subconsciously creating it.

This is inner consciousness.

You are part of the same energy that creates the universe. Life is your playground. You are here to have fun.

Namasté, my friends.

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