You are going to have a great day today!

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You are going to have a great day today!

I’m not asking… I’m telling. And you should be, too.

Did you wake up happy? Because the attitude you start your day with is what sets the tone for everything that follows. Not the outside world… But the inside world. The outside world is both good and bad. Where you put your attention is where you put your intention!

Decide right now that you are going to have a good day! Stop with the negative talk. Stop posting nasty thoughts and negative ideas on social media… Share positive ideas and uplifting messages. Choose to be happy and then do things that are aligned with happiness. Be kind. Smile at someone. Hold the door for a person, make eye contact and wish them a good day.

You are in control of how you feel. Why give away a single day of this amazing life being negative or angry. Those feeling have a place… But not as often as we like to think… And not today!

Smile. You are going to have a great day!


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